EVP Caught While Sleeping – (Use Headphones!)

Ok so… I record myself sleep (Yes I know, seems weird! But I have a fascination by what I say when I am sleeping) So yesterday I went through the 7 recordings in between 1-5am, Nothing really interested except this one recording…. I was laughing in my sleep (Like I usually do, guess I am very happy where ever I am in dream land haha!) Then a couple of seconds later I hear ” So sorry” or “I’m so sorry” This wasn’t my voice, nor anyone was around at that time, it sounded very close to the microphone.
Was this a spirit that make me laugh but didn’t mean it? Or what… (This may be hard to hear having to record a recording! – sucks I know!)

** New Video! Spirit Breath Captured On Audio, Kind of spooky **

I am back after 4 months away! I decided to start off my investigation by visiting a grave with “Mary”. Her grave is currently featured as my YT intro, However…

As I was talking there seems to be an inhale and exhale breath in between me speaking, was this her?

The decision is up to you..

I’m hoping the more I visit, the more responses I get over time, perhaps they need to know me a little better.

Scratching at my door…



I got woken up by scratching at my bedroom door for a second then the door opens only a little, my first thought was my dog, but then I soon realised he was sleeping right next to me in my bed…. This was around 6:45am, I went back to sleep and figured that it was one of my family members getting up and accidentally moving my door… When I woke back up around 8:00am I’ve asked the family members living here if it was them, everyone has said no… My second thought was if it was a dream, I looked to my door when I woke back up and saw that it was slightly open which never happens on its own due to having thick carpet on the floor. I wonder what it was….